Canceled | Mobile Monday Riga #8 – Mobile Web Apps

Time: December 2, 18:00

Place: TechHub Riga, Citadeles street 12 (5th floor) 

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/392426717557469


Aleksejs Mjaliks – Opening words.

Rihards Rucevics (Mobilemenu.lv, Latvia) –“Mobile websites for restaurants and their customers.”

The event is free.


October 7 | Mobile Monday Riga #7 – Windows Phone

Time: October 7, 18:00

Place: TechHub Riga, Citadeles street 12 (5th floor) 

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/170922966443517/


Aleksejs Mjaliks – Opening words.

Valdis Iljuconoks (Tech Fellow Consulting, Latvia) – “Windows Phone ecosystem: personal experience reflections”.

Gints Fricbergs (Draugiem.lv, Latvia) – “How we developed WP app for Draugiem?”

Aigars Mačiņš (Microsoft Latvia) – “How Microsoft can support local developers?”

The event is free.


May 13 | Mobile Monday Riga #6 – Mobile Games

Time: May 13, 18:00

Place: TechHub Riga, Citadeles street 12 (5th floor) 

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/166941886794726/


18:00 Aleksejs Mjaliks – Opening words.

18:10 Ingrīda Kariņa-Bērziņa (Raidla Lejins & Norcous, Latvia) – “A review of the legal issues around games: what can and can’t be copied, and why”

18:30 Artūrs Matisons, Mārcis Balodis (FunGenerationLab, Latvia) – “Fearless Wheels. Development of successful iPhone game.”

18:50 Guntis Pontags (Estoty, Latvia) – “Developer notes, producing Swipe Bo game”

19:10 Marianna Krjakvina (Creative Mobile, Estonia) - “Mobile app monetization: tips and tricks”

19:30 Artur Grogorjan (Creative Mobile, Estonia) - “Effective distribution is another way of making money”

Times might slightly change.

The event is free.


September 3 | Mobile Monday Riga #5

This is a special event dedicated to mobile TV. 

Time: September 3, 18:00 

Place: TechHub Riga, Citadeles street 12 (5th floor) 
RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/events/355000721245239


Everything goes mobile nowadays – even TV. On this mobile Monday event we will have speakers from different areas:

- Toms Rusovs (representing Lattelecom and unveiling latest trends in TV business from a cable, internet and mobile perspectives)

- Rojs Dauburs (with a story how state TV company become more mobile and accessible via new website ltv.lv, project he curated)

- Kristaps Pētersons (with a short story – how to create a mobile momentum aand create message worth to share)

- Jānis Palkavnieks (representing draugiem.lv and their experience with a TV integrated in to a social platform itself)

- Zane Čulkstēna (leader of a project aimed to rebuild Latvian Public Broadcasting company)

Speakers are involved and engaged professionals – TV, Broadcasting, Public Relations and social platforms are their native habitat. How mobile TV will be seen in nearest future and what’s there for Latvia – we will hear on MobileMonday TV event


August 6 | Mobile Monday Riga 
18:00, TechHub Riga

RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/events/203357986456673/

+ Meet our guest from Helsinki - Paolo Borella / AppCampus 

AppCampus is a program in Aalto university (Helsinki) by Nokia and Microsoft. It provides funding, training and support for mobile developers that uses MS and Nokia mobile platforms

+ Listen to 4 start-up stories 
+ + Demo: Mighty Fingers HTML5 Game Engine 
+ + Kaspars Dancis (Cobook): How To Get Your App Noticed By Apple 
+ + Flame Herbohn (appMo.de): Live demo: Tool that lets anyone build mobile apps 
+ + Sandijs Ruļuks (Froont): Make responsive websites without any coding 

+ And.. Mareks Matisons: Introduction to Startup Weekend 

Photo of Paolo by Alpchris Chong, used with a kind permission  


MoMo Riga #3 - Schedule

Here’s the new program for MoMo Riga #3 | May 7, TechHub Riga, Citadeles street 12, 18:00 

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/343519739038948/ 

Schedule (times might slightly change):

18:00 – Welcome
18:10 - Mārtiņš Dambis (Cube; LV) – “Developing branded apps - dos and don’ts”
18:30 - Vīgants Radziņš (LMT; LV) - “Mobile internet on the edge”
18:50 - Martin Grüner (Aplefly; EE) - “Beyond Google Play - alternative Android stores”
19:10 - Andrei Dementjev (Fortumo; EE) - “How in-app payments increase app revenues?”
19:30 - Anatoly Ropotov (innoWate; LV) - “Android Workshop proposal: First app in Google Play (ex-Android Market) in 2 hours” 


MoMo Riga #2 Schedule (updated)

Place: TechHub Riga, Citadeles street 12, 5th floor

Monday, 2nd April, 18:00 

18:00 - Mareks Matisons and the Riga Foursquare badge story 

18:20 - Liāna Sarma from the Latvian Investment and Development agency about trade missions to Sillicon Walley this May and November 

18:40 - Kestutis Tauckela and Simona Vasyte from Outlander Studios in Vilnius about Equilibrium game for Android devices 

19:00 - Mārtiņš Dambis from CUBE will share case studies about making mobile apps 

19:20 - Anatoly Ropotov from Innowate - 3 years in social and mobile - the everchanging gaming business landscape 

19:40 - Žilvinas Ledas and Augmented Reality in Mobile Games and Applications 

20:00 - Aleksejs Mjaliks and a brief introduction to iOS development

20:20 - Pavels Romanovskis about osom.me - social network for sharing with closest friends 

Presentations will be 10 minutes each, followed by 5 min for questions. There will be time for networking after the event. 


MoMo Riga #1 - schedule

March 5, 2012, 18:00 | TechHub Riga, Citadeles street 12.

Official hashtag #MoMoRiga, Twitter: @MoMoRiga

(times might slightly change)

18:00 - Uldis Leiterts - briefly about MoMo
18:10 - Kaspars Drikis (Gemius) - landscape of Latvian internet
18:40 - Aleksejs Mjaliks - iOS and statistics
19:10 - Petra Soderling - about Mobile Brain bank and Finish accelerator initiative for Baltic startups in NY
19:40 - Tautvydas Dagys, Andres Sirel (Microsoft) - Windows Phone for developers
20:10 - Asketic - mailboxing app

FB event page


Mobile Monday Riga on 5th March

When: 5th March, 2012, 18:00

Where: TechHub Riga, Citadeles iela 12, Rīga 

Entrance: Free (limited number of seats available) 

Contact us: @MoMoRiga @uldis follow us on Facebook or email us to - momo [at] infogr.am

Apply here